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‘Go back to Mexico’ remark leads to hate crimes charge

'Go back to Mexico' remark leads to hate crimes charge


A Louisiana man has been booked on hate crimes charges after he told a woman in a store to "go back to Mexico" and then attacked her parents, according to police.

Police said 60-year-old Robert Ray, of Donaldsonville, approached the 19-year-old woman and made the comment at a store Friday.

When her mother, Salome Martinez, told Ray the comment was "not a nice thing to say," Ray then pushed her to the floor, according to officials. Police say Ray also hit the woman’s father, Alfredo Buitureira, with his fist and a boot when Buitureira intervened.

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According to WVLA, Alfredo is an American Marine.

Police say Ray has been booked with two counts of simple battery and criminal damage to property. He was jailed and it’s unclear if bail has been set or if Ray has a lawyer.