Happy Anniversary Puerto Vallarta! Celebrating 103 years

Puerto Vallarta, one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, today celebrates its 103rd anniversary as a municipality and 53 as a city.

Today, the plenary session of the City Council, celebrated this double anniversary, where the history and development of this municipality and city were established, where the warmth of its people and the beauty of its mountains and sea, makes it one of the most important and attractive destinations of today.

To celebrate, the presentation of the Vallarta Azteca Folkloric Ballet Group of CECyTE Jalisco is expected, a charra show, and the traditional closing with fireworks for the enjoyment of hundreds of Vallarta residents and tourists.

Puerto Vallarta, formerly called Las Peñas, Peñitas and, probably, in more distant years El Carrizal, was founded in independent times, on December 12, 1851, by Guadalupe Sánchez Torres, his wife Ambrosia Carrillo and some friends such as Cenobio Joya, Apolonio de Robles, Cleofas Peña and Martín Andrade, among others, who gave it the name of Las Peñas de Santa María de Guadalupe because that day was dedicated to the Virgin.

On October 31, 1886, Las Peñas was established as the political and judicial police station in the municipality of Talpa, by Decree No. 210 of the State Congress.

By decree of the H. Congress of the State, of May 2, 1888, the police station of Las Peñas was annexed to the municipality of San Sebastián.

On May 31, 1918, the Las Peñas police station was elevated to the category of Municipality by decree number 1889 of the H. Congress of the State.

When the political party changed, the Las Peñas police station received the name of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, in honor of Lic. Ignacio L. Vallarta, a notable Jalisco lawyer and former governor of the state. This change was made at the request of deputy Dr. Marcos Guzmán.

The decree was published on June 5, 1918. On May 31, 1968, the town of Puerto Vallarta was elevated to the category of city by decree number 8366 of the H. Congress of the State, when celebrating its fiftieth anniversary as a municipality.

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