How much more inflation can restaurants in Puerto Vallarta take?

Inflation has hit Puerto Vallarta’s restaurant sector hard, because the constant increase in prices of supplies has forced restaurateurs to maintain their prices, without lowering the quality of their products, a fact that has affected the economy of the restaurant sector.

“The impact is great because the whole issue of inflation directly affects the cost,” said Jorge Carvajal, president of Canirac in this city.

In such a way – added the restaurant leader – everyone is managing their costs so as not to have to increase prices and have a market overprice in our restaurants.

“But the impact is real, it is high because we are playing with it to try not to have an increase in the prices of our menu”, he pointed out that inflation is located at 8.15 and this, in the summer, “you have an idea of ​​how far we restaurants have to tighten our belts”, he highlighted.

And despite the fact that they have not yet increased the price of their dishes, or worse yet, reduced their staff in order to alleviate the costs of supplies, the restaurant sector does not know how long they will be able to withstand this inflation. “That will depend on each restaurant, I repeat the ingenuity that you have to make to apply costs within your restaurants without having to affect quality.”

However, if they continue to support inflation, this will not affect the quality of their dishes, he assured. “Of course, what we have to look for is not to affect the quality of our dishes to have to reduce costs.”
In such a way he reiterated the impact that inflation will create in the sector. “Will there be an impact? There will have to be, but for how long can we be supporting it? I don’t know, because we can’t also support an inflationary increase after increase in our costs.”

Jorge Carvajal stressed that it is not feasible to maintain these costs for so long, “because it is not possible to maintain such a tight menu for so long,” he added. Headline inflation in Mexico stood at 8.15% in July 2022, which places it at the highest rate in the last 22 years.

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