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Is Mexico really as dangerous as they show in the media?

The short answer is, “no” Mexico is not really as dangerous as they show in the media in the U.S. Mexico vs US Cities . However, there are several things to keep in mind when looking at crime in Mexico and comparing it to the U.S.

Mexico is a fairly large country. As such, there are some areas where violent crime is a very big problem and other areas that are quite safe. Even looking at violent crime at the state level in Mexico doesn’t paint the complete picture.

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I happen to live in Colima Mexico. According to Crime by State – Mexico Crime Report , Colima had the most intentional homicides of any state in Mexico in 2017. But, the vast majority of the intentional homicides were due to cartels fighting against each other for territory. Of course, innocent people can get caught in the crossfire. And the cartel on cartel violence takes a toll on law enforcement, in many different ways. But, most people who are not involved with the cartels are not in that much danger.

At the city level, there are cities in the U.S. that are more violent than many cities in Mexico. Eight Mexican, and 4 U.S. cities on world’s most murderous list . But, even in the most violent cities, there are going to be areas that are fairly safe. Statistically, Chicago had a higher rate of intentional homicides in 2016 that many cities in Mexico. Yet, few residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs […]