Jalisco UFO turns out to be Starlink Satellites by Space X (VIDEO)

Last night, the people of Jalisco, from different municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara (ZMG), were surprised to observe a luminous object that was rotating in the sky, and even believed that it could be a UFO.

In the videos that quickly went viral on social networks, a bright object is seen that is spinning, which could look like a UFO, something that captivated those who managed to witness that moment.

However, hours after the object caused confusion among the inhabitants of the state, some assured on social networks that it was not a UFO, but Starlink satellites, from Elon Musk’s company, Space X.

Images even began to spread on Twitter confirming that the trajectory of the Starlink satellites coincided with the time the suspicious object was seen in the skies of the ZMG.

The account @EarthquakeChil1, which has more than 160,000 followers, warned about the images that could be generated after the launch of satellites and that could be confused with a UFO.

What are Starlink satellites? 

“Starlink is a constellation of thousands of satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth, at about 550 km, and cover the entire world. Since the Starlink satellites are in low orbit, the latency is considerably lower—about 20ms, compared to an average of over 600ms,” reads the official page. 

In addition, they highlight that each satellite features a compact flat-panel design that minimizes bulk.

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