James Wilson claims PVDN founder owes him $48,000 in scary Halloween video

In a bizarre Facebook video posting, James Wilson, an expat who spent nearly a decade in Puerto Vallarta, claims the founder of Vallarta Daily stole $48,000 from him.

James Wilson claims Christopher LaGrone, founder of VallartaDaily, stole the company from him after he had invested $48,000 eleven years ago, however, VallartaDaily is only five years old. Although Mr. Wilson never specifies what company he is speaking about in the video, the apparently intoxicated rant focuses on VallartaDaily.

James Wilson continues the video alleging a business relationship without disclosing that the relationship he had with Christopher LaGrone was a romantic relationship for a decade until Mr. LaGrone ended the relationship in 2012. He also fails to inform viewers that over the last decade, and through hundreds of emails, Mr. Wilson has threatened to ‘destroy’ Mr. LaGrone’s life and businesses, including VallartaDaily.Com.

Recently, James Wilson relocated back to the United States and again sent an email to VallartaDaily attempting to blackmail its founder, that email was sent to the FBI and a formal complaint was launched and the FBI requested a minimum of five additional supporting documents from Christopher LaGrone before they would interview Mr. Wilson, those documents were provided promptly.

The FBI visited Mr. Wilson to discuss the emails, at that time Mr. Wilson informed the money he was seeking was a legitimate attempt to collect an investment he had made into Mr. LaGrone’s company. Mr. Wilson failed to provide any evidence to the FBI that he had invested money into any business owned by Mr. LaGrone.

Immediately following the interview with the FBI, James Wilson contacted Mr. LaGrone, against the recommendation of the FBI, to inform him the FBI had ‘cleared’ him of any wrongdoing and that he would be hiring an attorney to collect the debt.  Three days after, James Wilson sent an email to the FBI Agent asking him to investigate Christopher LaGrone for numerous alleged crimes.

‘Investigate Mr. Legrone for corporate theft, embezzlement and fraud. As they had clients across state lines I believe this falls under the Interstate Commerce Act which the FBI has some jurisdiction over,’ Mr. Wilson wrote to the FBI on October 29, 2019.

The FBI Agent replied to James Wilson on October 31, 2019, and informed him there is no crime and to please cease contact with them, they are not going to investigate vendettas. James erroneously claimed the email from the FBI Agent was informing him that he hadn’t committed a crime, not that the email was in response to James’ demand that Christopher LaGrone be investigated.

Mr. LaGrone replied to Mr. Wilson’s Facebook video posted on BanerasPost, offering to write him a check for $48,000 if he could provide the bank records of the investment he is claiming, an offer Mr. LaGrone has made multiple times in writing and to the FBI agent assigned to investigate Mr. Wilson’s actions. Mr. LaGrone’s comment was quickly removed from BanderasPost. Mr. LaGrone also commented on a post by BanderasPost that James Wilson has been cleared of all charges. Mr. LaGrone clarified the email from the FBI was in response to James Wilson requesting Christopher LaGrone to be investigated. That comment was also promptly deleted by BanderasPost.

It’s unclear who is behind the BanderasPost page and it has been inactive for a year, however, the page lists Gloria Sue as the only ‘Team Member’. Gloria Sue is the owner of ‘Mama Vallarta’s Jewish Comfort Food and Stuff’.

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