Mexico celebrates National Firefighter’s Day

Today, Mexico celebrates the work of firefighters, who in addition to preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires, support the citizenship in cases of floods, vehicular accidents and even in the rescue of kittens trapped in trees.

Similarly, the so-called “matafuegos” or “tragahumos” risk their lives to deal with incidents involving hazardous materials, spill and chemical handling and control, mountain rescues, as well as the effects of natural disasters.

On August 22, 1873, the first fire brigade of Mexico was created in the port of Veracruz, while for 1922, the Regulation of the Fire Department of the Federal District was issued and in 1951, by presidential decree, it was granted the character of “Heroic”.

On its website, the federal government recalls that firefighters traditionally carry out their work using hydraulic pumps, which were used to draw water from wells, rivers or any other deposit near the place of the accident.

Still lacking equipment, the firemen do their work with bravery because they know that the lives of other people depend on them.

That heroicity is reflected in his generous dedication and in the values ​of the institution, symbolized in their coat of arms.

The helmet represents prevention and protection; the ax means that it opens the way and allows us to always move forward; the ladder marks the straight path towards perfection and the hose works together with the firemen.

The torch symbolizes the intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom represented by the flame, while the garland of laurels represents the perpetuity of the firefighters fallen in the line of duty and is the emblem of victory and honor.

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