Mexico City mayor introduces proposal for nationwide medical marijuana

Mexico City’s mayor is introducing a national initiative in congress to legalize cannabis-based medical treatments in the entire country.

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera says the initiative would not legalize production or distribution of medical marijuana in Mexico, rather give Mexicans access to medicinal products manufactured outside the country.

He said Wednesday the initiative is a matter of public health and aimed to allow patients access to proven remedies that are legal in other countries for various illnesses and ailments.

Mancera said if morphine-based medicines are legal, cannabis-based medicines should be as well.

His proposal will require modifying two articles in the public health law, he said at a forum announcing the initiative.

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  1. Kevin Maguire Castelo

    While it would still not represent a major change in the cartels and/or security of Mexico, it would not only aid the one who are truly in a medical situation that need it but will also help open the window so that its distribution and manufacturing become legal at some point, remember 5 consecutive positive strikes means a win on the policy in mexico, and in turn it would deminish the slaughter and bloodshet done by the cartels, just as long as other vulnerable markets are protected. However, I love to see that he sees this as a health issue and not a criminal one, thats one of the crucial paradigms that need to change in order to grasp this completely.

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