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Mexico: Homeless Create Fantastical Creature in Alebrije Parade

Mexico: Homeless Create Fantastical Creature in Alebrije Parade

Mexico City is preparing for its 12th Monumental Alebrijes Competition and Parade, to take place on October 20, and homeless people are working on their own creation to participate.

The event is organized annually by Mexico City’s Museum of Popular Culture, which teamed up with the Assistance and Social Integration Institute (IASIS) to coordinate the ‘Street Nahual’ activity.

The creators are people living at the Aquiles Serdan Square in the historic center of the city, under the guidance of a visual artist, who says he’s confident in their creative abilities.

A press release published by the Government of Mexico City quotes a man called Abraham, who lives at the square, thanking the authorities for the activity.

“You make us feel like we’re still worth something,” said Abraham.

Jesus Gonzalez Schmal, the general coordinator of the historic center’s authorities, said the activity aims to make available social and cultural alternatives for reintegration that also work as a mean of expression.

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“We want this project to be an incentive so they can re-emerge as conscious people and express to others and the community their complexes, without reservations,” said Gonzalez, “because they also can contribute to do objects with a beauty recognized by all.”

One of IASIS responsibilities is to provide homeless people with the possibility of a better life by offering them shelter, food, addiction treatment […]