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Mexico stands ready to help Texas, no U.S. response to offer

The support of the Mexican Government provided to the United States after Hurricane Harvey is without condition and has nothing to do with the political environment or with economic issues, it is a gesture of solidarity with the people of Texas not only because there are many Mexicans in the area, but because we are neighbors, said Undersecretary for America North, Carlos Manuel Sada.

He said that Texas has a neighbor that is practically half the border between the two countries. “It seems to me that it is something we have a moral obligation to do, and we are doing it, and we hope it is well received and accepted, the support that is being offered.”

In an interview, the federal official explained that aid to the United States is classified in two ways: on the one hand the offer made by the Government of Mexico to the authorities of Texas, and on the other the direct support provided by the consulates in that state.

He noted that an offical diplomatic note was sent to the State Department in Washington, which was delivered by the Mexican embassy “and we are waiting for the reaction and the final ratification, if they are going to want the help and what kind of help, with what immediacy and with how long.”

Mexico’s Red Cross is working with the Red Cross in the USA and sending 35 relief workers to Texas from Mexico to assist, and the State of Texas has accepted food, water, blankets and medicine from Texas, however federal approval is needed to send foreign rescuers, equipment or boats across the border.

Nevertheless, Mexico’s San Antonio consulate toured the area of ​​its jurisdiction, including the areas that were most affected such as Corpus Christi and Rockport, where there is practically a great flood and about 80 Mexican families have already been interviewed.

“They are being provided support for shelters, and on the other hand to offer their documents, if lost, can be reissued through the consular offices and the mobile consulates.”

Mexican Nationals in fear of deportation while seeking shelter have been guaranteed that those seeking shelter will not be profiled or asked for documents.

Governor Greg Abbott said “there is not going to be any immigration operation,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he would not allow any apprehension for reasons of deportation.

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