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Mexico Pledges More Assistance for the Blind

Mexico has joined 68 other countries in pledging increased access to literature for blind and visually handicapped people.

By signing on to the international Treaty of Marrakech, Mexico promises to adopt national legislation that allows for the reproduction, distribution and provision of publications that are accessible to blind or visually handicapped people, primarily through Braille or audio versions.

The signing reaffirms Mexico’s public position of equality and nondiscrimination as written in the National Development Plan and the Education Sector program, according to a bulletin issued jointly by the Foreign Relations and Public Education Secretariats.

The treaty also aims to create international cross-border exchange with organizations supporting the visually impaired for the distribution of accessible material.

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Some limitations and exceptions subject to copyright law will have to be respected.

As a result of Mexico’s participation in the treaty, more than a million Mexicans who have difficulty accessing published works will benefit from the dissemination of Braille and audio editions of printed works.

National Copyright Institute (Indautor) Director Manuel Guerra Zamarro signed the deal on behalf of Mexico at the headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.