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New COVID-19 laboratory in Puerto Vallarta testing less than 10 people daily

Within 3 days of its opening, the Covid Laboratory, installed at the University Center of the Coast in Puerto Vallarta, has only processed 25 coronavirus tests.

According to the report of Dr. Jesús Aarón Curiel Beltrán, PhD in Pharmacology, Head of the Department of Medical Sciences of CUCosta and Coordinator of the Covid Laboratory in Puerto Vallarta, since its opening on Tuesday 28, this laboratory has received 25 people from the 26 who registered at the call center, one of the registered did not appear.

In this laboratory, which has been installed, the University Center of the coast receives people from 8 to 9 in the morning, to later process the samples and determine if they are positive or not for the Covid 19 coronavirus.

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The results of these samples are sent to the city of Guadalajara to be processed by the Jalisco health department to confirm results.

This laboratory has the capacity to process up to 30 tests per day, as initially reported by the University of Guadalajara’s rector general to Ricardo Villanueva Lomelí, so that its implementation will come to help detect coronaviruses in the Sierra-Costa de Jalisco.

Puerto Vallarta has only tested 331 people for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.