Not even a full week into July, COVID-19 numbers in Puerto Vallarta close to all of June

With just six days into the month of July, Puerto Vallarta’s COVID-19 numbers are already nearing the figures experienced during the entire month of June.

In just 5 days, 176 new infections have already been registered and 16 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus. In all of June, there were 228 cases of COVID-19 and 31 deaths according to federal reports.

Until June 30, Puerto Vallarta had 521 people infected with the virus and 56 people had lost their lives, however, on July 1, Puerto Vallarta recorded it’s highest single-day death rate with nine deaths. On July 2, the city recorded its highest daily rate of infections with 48 new cases.

Of the total infections since March 31, when the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Puerto Vallarta, 20% of all cases have been diagnosed in the first five days of this month.

Also, 21% of all deaths occurred in the past 5 days, with a total of 75 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 16 occurred in the first six days of July.

The average daily rate of infection for the first week of July was 33 new cases per day, compared to the average daily infection rate for the last week of June being 19 cases per day. That is a 73.68% increase in daily cases during the first week of July.

There are huge discrepancies between State and Federal reporting of COVID-19 cases in Puerto Vallarta, however, for the month of July, Puerto Vallarta has reached it’s highest active cases, meaning people who currently have the virus and symptoms have increased.

On June 30, there were 35 active cases in Puerto Vallarta, on July 6 that number rose to 67, which represents a 91.42% increase in cases in the first week of July compared to the last week of June, a clear indication that the first week of July has seen a record spike in cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Puerto Vallarta has also seen an increase in the positivity rating, the percentage of tests that are positive compared to those that are negative. Currently, Puerto Vallarta is seeing a positivity rating of nearly 50% ,while WHO sets a standard of 5% or less.

At the end of June, Puerto Vallarta had a positivity rating of 36%, although that number was 20% at the beginning of June, indicating a steady increase in infections.

Because the COVID-19 statistics reported by the city, state and federal governments have discrepancies, PVDN uses the average of all three reporting agencies when reporting statistics. The federal government currently under-reports cases in Puerto Vallarta by 62.6%.

It is suspected that a push to reopen tourism and the long weekend celebrating Father’s Day in June lead to the rise in cases and deaths in Puerto Vallarta during the first week of July.

It is known that with economies reopening cases will increase.

The coronavirus epidemic continues throughout Mexico, after 36 days of the “return to the new normal”, a strategy that aims to achieve the orderly and gradual reopening of economic, social, and educational life in Mexico, the Ministry of Health updated the most relevant figures regarding the disease.

As of Monday, July 6, there are 261,750 accumulated confirmed cases and 31,119 deaths from COVID-19. Of the total number of infections, only 25,805 patients presented symptoms in the last fourteen days, which represents the active epidemic in the country. The people who have recovered are 159,657.

For the past seven days, Mexico has seen an increase in the seven-day average of cases per day, indicating the virus continues to strengthen throughout the country.

Please wear masks in public and practice social distancing.

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