Puerto Vallarta Airport Records 24% Increase in International Arrivals in August

International flights welcomed over 116,000 passengers in August, a substantial increase of 24.4% compared to last year.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport also recorded an 18.9% increase in overall passengers, domestic and international, compared to the same month last year. That brings the total passengers arriving in PVR to a 15% increase so far this year compared to the first eight months of 2013.

Domestic passengers in August were 101,200, an increase of domestic passengers of over 13.2 percent. For the year total in domestic passengers PVR has a 7.1% increase with 634,500.

The promotional marketing campaign for Vallarta-Nayarit is credited with part of the increased traffic this year. The joint campaign began in 2013, since then arrivals of domestic and international passengers to PVR has incresed compared to same months in the previous year.

The increase in tourism is expected to continue throughout the year.

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    1. :( Out of curiosity, has the business owners, those who rely on tourism, ever organized a forum with the city leaders to discuss tourism, how to get people moving around the bay more, and spending more money? Do you think it’s something worth pursuing if we helped organize it?

    1. I was trying to think of a diplomatic way to reply :P Tom is right. Some businesses have said they are so busy it’s like high season all summer. PV is seasonal and the vacationers we receive in the summer are here for the bargains. Cheap hotels and restaurants trying to offer the lowest prices. That is what the summer traveler wants and businesses need to offer that. Some businesses know they just cannot lower their prices enough and still meet their overhead costs so they close for the summer. There are more people in Vallarta this summer, but they are still looking for the best bargains. If you want, you can tell us your business name and a web link.

    2. They are eating at the OXXO :) It’s the same every summer and has been for my decade here. Summer is cheap travelers. Businesses know this and when they are making a killing in the winter months, the smart ones are saving because they know what happens each summer. Then some businesses get so excited about all the cash flow in the winter that they feel like cash cows and forget there is a slow time coming. Those businesses last one or two seasons and then they are gone. It’s the same in every seasonal tourist destination on earth. You can get 5 million cheap travelers and they still will stay in their rental and make sandwiches from OXXO lunch meats and enjoy the free beach.

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