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Puerto Vallarta aquarium scheduled to open August 2018

After the company BLEU LIFE won the tender process and signed the contracts for the construction of a world-class aquarium at Port Authority of Puerto Vallarta (API), Alessandro Nesta Icaza, owner of Bleu Life, announced that the project would be completed in August 2018.

The Puerto Vallarta aquarium will be open to the general public and residents will be offered special discounted pricing.

Icaza said that after having talks with major agencies and departments and authorities in the tourism sector, they concluded that the aquarium will be an attractive “anchor” for tourism in the area.

The project will be built opposite pier-one at the cruise ship terminal in Puerto Vallarta. The aquarium will be one of the largest in the country, and will also feature outdoor spaces at the location.

With a construction area of ​​about 8,500 square meters, the aquarium will be home to about 300 species. Furthermore, this exhibition will feature an area of ​​research and reproduction of species under the leadership and collaboration of specialized schools in the field.

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  1. Hey honey, let’s go to Puerto Vallarta to be indoors looking at fish and other marine life right next to an actual ocean rather than outside enjoying the beautiful, warm, sunny weather, ocean and ocean breeze that the area has to offer! Sorry, but sounds like another waste of money project like the new malecon. I cannot think of a single family member or friend that would visit me and be interested in going to an aquarium while here.

  2. Eh….just more construction to detract from the natural beauty of the bay…and simply for a living”liquid” zoo, ironically, next to nature;s perfect aquarum. Sorry, but can’t find any enthusiam to muster on such a project nor can justify support to even visit it.

  3. we have an entire ocean right beside us… why do we need this? people aren’t gonna suddenly decide to travel here just for this. they come here for the sun, ocean, culture, and our wonderful natural surroundings…

    1. Then they should wait until they’re big enough. No marine life should be compromised for the sake of entertainment. Some say it’s education. Really? To teach children that it’s OK to torture free animals? Think it through.

    2. I think, like everything else, people try to simplify a complicated issue. We know for a fact that zoos and aquariums around the world have rescued and rehabilitated animals, along with helping bring back other animals on the verge of extinction. We also know most people who enter into the field of marine biology, veterinarian, and wildlife preservation were first introduced to animals and their passion for animals at these facilities. It’s very difficult to facilitate the passion needed to enter this work by only having exposure through books and movies. We also know many zoos and aquariums can only fund other initiatives, like wildlife preservation, by charging admission into these ‘parks’ because governments are not doing enough. I know our extincted animal list would be larger without these kinds of places, so it’s hard to damn them, but I am sure they can be managed better to offer education and better lives for the animals. Everything is more complicated than we can express in a FB comment.

    3. Ian Hayden Parker that’s why they have libraries! That’s where I learned about the Dolphins, sharks and whales and have never spent one dime watching them in cages! Sad

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