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Puerto Vallarta ready to host Vallarta Down Hill 2019

This Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19, the third edition of Down Hill Puerto Vallarta will be held in the heart of the city and completely free for all attendees.

40 of the best riders in the world will come to Puerto Vallarta to be part of this international event.

The competition will have 2 modalities: the first one is the Down, with the winner being the rider completing the downhill circuit with the fastest time. The second competition is freestyle and the competitor is scored by tricks on the 3 ramps at the end of the circuit.

The beginning of the route is at Mirador de la Cruz, after passing through several streets and alleys, the end is on the malecon. It is worth mentioning that this year the track changed and will have another degree of difficulty greater than that of the past years.

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Saturday, May 18 will be the day of recognition of the circuit. There, the competitors will have to memorize all the points where they will pass. For Sunday, May 19, it will be competition day.

From 5 o’clock in the afternoon, every minute a rider will leave until the 40 participate, then, they go back up and down for the second time. Once the Down phase is finished, freestyle will start with another 40 minutes of show.

It is expected that for this third edition there will be 40 thousand people; in the first edition (2017) almost 25 thousand people attended, in the second edition the figure exceeded 35 thousand.