The Perfect Storm is Brewing for Puerto Vallarta Tourism

As gas prices plummet and the dollar skyrockets, mixed with the easing of flight regulations that limit the number of cross-border flights, and the general proximity to the United States, Puerto Vallarta is poised to become one of Mexico’s top destinations in 2015.

Adding to the perfect storm is the growing sense of violence and instability in other popular Mexico vacation destinations, while sparing Puerto Vallarta. The destination still maintains its reputation for safety and fun in the sun.

Many airlines anticipating the lift on caps limiting the number of flights allowed to operate across the border have already applied for new services to Puerto Vallarta. Most recently Southwest Airlines joined the growing trend of airlines looking to expand service to Puerto Vallarta.

With more competition and lower gas prices, flights to Puerto Vallarta stand to become more affordable and offer the destination more tourism from people who once only dreamed of vacationing overseas.

The perfect storm is also brewing on the sea with a rebound of the cruise ship industry along the Mexican Riviera and ports of call to Puerto Vallarta. 2015 promises to be one of the best years for Puerto Vallarta for cruise ship passenger arrivals in nearly a decade. The industry declined several years ago among worries of violence and swine flu epidemic that never took hold of the area.

The city could also benefit from the new 30-something traveler who overwhelmingly prefers “off the beaten path” destinations that are less touristy and don’t find other beach resorts in Mexico appealing.

The city faces many challenges in the midst of the perfect storm and strong leadership in government and business will determine if Puerto Vallarta sinks or swims in one of the most promising years in tourism the city has ever welcomed.

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  1. Uzarate

    “Adding to the perfect storm is the growing sense of violence and instability in other popular Mexico vacation destinations, while sparing Puerto Vallarta.” Uhhh…which other popular Mexico vacation destinations are experiencing a “growing sense of violence and instability?” Is this an excerpt from some alarmist US news source as usual? The only other destination where this may be applicable is Acapulco and that resort ceased being competition for PV a few decades ago. Stick to real information please.

    1. This is real information. A ‘sense’ of something does not indicate a truth or fact, it’s simply an underlying feeling about a situation. Since the disappearance of 43 students there have been violent protests mostly isolated to one state in Mexico, however international media reports it as a widespread occurrence throughout the country, calling Mexico a narco state and on the verge of anarchy. This causes a SENSE of insecurity and prevents travelers from coming to Mexico, that is a fact based on a recent survey where 68% of travelers said they would not feel safe vacationing in Mexico. On the other hand, as this plays into the story, Puerto Vallarta is very aware of the SENSE of violence in Mexico that is being portrayed around the world, so they have invested a lot of money in sending representatives around the world to conventions with the message that Puerto Vallarta is safe, which is why the SENSE of violence around the country plays into the perfect storm for tourism in Puerto Vallarta. I think you have misunderstood the use of the word ‘sense’ and no one can argue that the perception of Mexico right now isn’t at its best, and we are living in a world where over 80% of the world population believes Mexico is Central or South America.

      1. zamu65

        You didn’t address my question. Again, your statement says a “sense of violence and instability in OTHER POPULAR MEXICO VACATION DESTINATIONS” and I asked specifically which destinations those were. You wrote a three paragraph reply attempting to reinforce your point while ignoring the question I posed to you.

        1. Sorry, all we can say is we stand behind our story and we cannot edit a story every time one anonymous person finds an issue. The media would never be able to do their job if they needed to make sure every story pleased 100% of the people. If you would really like to know all the rumors, and some fact based information, about other tourist destinations receiving bad press you can email us privately. Our news isn’t to assist in spreading the hysteria just to try to benefit our city, therefore we chose not to run down all the rumors in our story. Thank you for your opinion and have a great day!

          1. Uzarate

            Ok, so you’re not able identify the other popular vacation destinations in Mexico that are experiencing a “growing sense of instability and violence” as you claim in your article. Got it.

          2. Justin Loman


            Once he wrote “Acapulco and that resort ceased being competition for PV a few decades ago” he didn’t deserve a reply. His grad studies does not qualify him as an expert on Mexican tourism so even mentioning his level of education indicates someone seeking attention and an overall douchebag.

            Acapulco is still a top beach destination for Mexican travelers, yes they travel and spend money in their own economy, and they are more than maids and taco people. Your comments are all about foreign travelers and you don’t even consider Mexicans in your uninformed statements. Mexicans spend more in their country each year in the travel and hospitality industry than any foreign travelers, dismissing them is unfortunate.

            In fact the city of Puerto Vallarta was just publicly reprimanded by the government for their attempt to have a local tourism tradeshow to compete against Mexico’s largest tradeshow being hosted in Acapulco this year. The city told major players in the US tourism industry they should consider coming to Puerto Vallarta’s trade show because of violence in Acapulco. The city understands that Acapulco is still a major player. Of course the city canceled their even when media picked up the story and reported it as a slap in the face to Acapulco.

            To further compound the problem is exactly what Vallarta Daily alluded to, the ignorance of people and geography. When media reports on Mexico they simply say “Mexico” as if the country is just a single state or small village somewhere, so people have the growing sense that the tourist destinations are not secure.

            Now I do know that Cabo is fighting a bad image problem from nearby La Paz reaching a thirty-year spike in kidnapping, cartel activity, and murders. This could be one of the situations being referred to in the story but the “sense” everyone is talking about is that it’s close enough many travelers have reported they have concerns this activity could move to Cabo. The story doesn’t suggest that there is violence in the tourist areas, just that they are impacting the perception of the areas.

            Of course people who might begin to question the security of Cabo, unjustly, might consider Puerto Vallarta. Which I think is what this story is about, many different situations happening in tourism that are benefiting Puerto Vallarta, it’s not a crime report from what I am reading.

            Also a politician was just kidnapped in Puerto Vallarta. A couple of years ago drug cartels fighting for control in Vallarta gunned down the city police chief in Old Town. Kidnappings, murder, and cartel activity is also up in Puerto Vallarta. None of this is hidden facts, and I can understand why Vallarta Daily would not want to publicly run the countries tourism through the mud on their website, but the troll asked and I answered.

            Vallarta Daily, ignore these people who did not get enough hugs as a child and try to feel their emptiness through comment interactions. Hahahaa I would be willing to bet he never emailed you and asked for clarification because he doesn’t care, he is just seeking attention. If you would have named all the cities and rumors he would have complained that you should not be reporting about rumors. Just give him a much needed hug and send him on his way to trollville. Is this the same guy who is always bragging that he worked for Tennessee Williams?

          3. Justin that is some of the issues in the tourism destinations. Thank you for your comment as always, but please don’t call names. We welcome all opinions, but we are considering not interacting through comments any longer. If people want to address a particular question to us then they can do so in email. Comments are for general comments about a story, not to argue points. We are just too busy with rapid growth to once give all the personal attention that we used to.

    1. Jim Mason

      The Canadian dollar has dropped slightly against the peso but not near as much as it has dropped against the USD. Mexico is a much better deal for a Canadian then the USA.

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