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Puerto Vallarta On Track for Best Tourism Record in Recent Years

Cruise ships have seen an increase of 43% over last year and the port is expected to receive cruise ships year-round in 2015 without its usual summer hiatus.

Through January to September of this year, the hotel occupancy average has been 64%, an increase of 6% during the same time last year and in October passenger arrivals at the Puerto Vallarta airport were up 23%.

While places like Acapulco have seen tourism decline over the years, and most recently with security issues in the state of Guerrero, Puerto Vallarta has maintained its appeal to travelers looking for a sunny beach destination in Mexico.

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Puerto Vallarta has made the safety of their visitor’s first priority for many years with frequent security evaluations by independent security firms both locally and from the United States.

In addition to the destinations safety record, the combined promotions of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, known as Vallarta-Nayarit, has been a huge success with both national and international tourism.

Both destinations are expecting huge crowds brought by this year’s International Fireworks Festival in Puerto Vallarta and the first Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival.