Puerto Vallarta welcomes the Spring Equinox with purification rituals and pre-Hispanic dances

As part of the Spring Equinox event ‘Cosmovisions of the Original Peoples’ organized by the Vallartense Institute of Culture, different purification rituals, and pre-Hispanic dances were carried out in Hidalgo Park, with which the original peoples welcome the new season of the year, an event that was attended by municipal authorities and the representative of the Triqui community, Fulgencio Bautista García, as well as the coordinator of Indigenous Cultures of Puerto Vallarta, Aurelio Herrera.

To participate in this celebration, the councilor Sara Mosqueda Torres attended, representing the mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, who highlighted the tradition that surrounds all these activities that are part of the roots and cultural wealth of the country.

She also referred to the spring equinox, highlighting the energy it brings at this time of year, “many people believe that taking in the sun’s rays charges one with energy, the truth is that it does; You always have to have an open soul to be able to receive these intentions that the universe has for each and every one of us and fill us with positive energy. I must say that for me it also means giving and receiving, and not only from the universe to us and vice versa, but in general with all living beings, with small actions, with endless things that we can do and that will have a positive impact on our lives”.

The coordinator of Indigenous Cultures, Aurelio Herrera, affirmed that history is currently being made in Puerto Vallarta, since it is the first time that there is a true coordination between indigenous communities that live in the municipality, “it really shows what is being sought to be done, the balance, the participation of the least favored”.

He pointed out that the movement of the earth around the sun gives way to the arrival of this moment of the year, in which the sun crosses towards the north of the equator “it is the exact moment of the spring equinox, of the natural phenomenon in which the length of the day is equal to that of the night on the entire planet, from the Latin æquinoctium from æquus: equal and nox: night, the same night, spring the first greenery; it is a time where the temperature is warmer, even the energy feels different”.

This act was also attended by the councilor Eva Griselda González Castellanos and the director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture, Luis Jesús Escoto Martínez.

As part of the activities, this Tuesday the closing ritual of the spring equinox was carried out, and for this Wednesday, March 23, at 7:00 p.m., there will be a pre-Hispanic medicine workshop by Adalberto Rico González, from the Yaqui community. On Thursday, also at 7 at night, there will be the workshop of dreamcatchers that will be directed by Oscar Efraín González Felipe from the Otomí community.

At the same time, on Friday the 25th, there will be the presence of the Papantla flyers and the Cosmovisions conference: Vision of the Original Peoples and the Environment, given by the teacher Oscar H. Tavitas Altamirano, from the Mazahua community. Also, the different ethnic groups show the techniques of making their handicrafts such as embroidery, paintings, clay items, ornaments, among other products.

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