Puerto Vallarta women’s soccer team hopes to bring home the 2022 Jalisco Cup

The Puerto Vallarta women’s team will be part of the great soccer party that will take place next Sunday, August 14, with the 2022 Jalisco Cup Grand Final.

Mayor Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez participated this Wednesday in the press conference in which the details of the event were announced, which will be held at the Jalisco Stadium.

The press conference was led by the state governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and was attended by the director of CODE Jalisco, Luis Fernando Ortega Ramos; the tournament coordinator, Mauricio González Alcérreca, and the mayors of the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta and Cuquío, whose representatives will compete in the women’s final, and Tomatlán and Tequila, who will do the same with the men’s teams.

Professor Michel affirmed that it is a source of pride for Puerto Vallarta that the women’s team is part of this great final of the Jalisco Cup, which will undoubtedly give its best effort against its counterpart Cuquío and will take home the trophy, confirming the great soccer level of the Vallarta team. “We are going to compete with Cuquío, we are going to beat him.”

The mayor also referred to the formative role of the sport, which he said can be accessed by everyone, from those who live in small communities to those in large cities, allowing for closer ties of friendship between peoples and nations.

“I believe that sport strengthens each one of us individually, physically, spiritually, but you have to practice it, you have to compete, you have to do it; We have to invite families, sons, daughters, to participate”.

The state governor, Enrique Alfaro, referred to the evolution of this tournament, highlighting the work and effort of the teams that reach the grand final, as well as the organizational model headed by the municipal authorities. He added that on this occasion, the first place in each branch will receive a trip to Spain as a reward for their efforts, while the second place will be able to travel to Colombia.

The head of CODE Jalisco, Luis Fernando Ortega Ramos, affirmed that Puerto Vallarta is a benchmark in women’s soccer, and has already experienced a final in the 2019 edition, remaining as runners-up in this Cup. On this occasion, the men’s team managed to reach the semi-final stage. He specified that in the current tournament, which started last April, there was the participation of 118 teams in the men’s branch (with 2,478 players) and 74 teams in the women’s branch (with 1,554 players).

Tickets to attend the grand final will begin to be distributed starting this Tuesday, they are completely free and will be available in the municipalities that were part of this tournament. An attendance of 45 thousand people is expected in the Jalisco stadium. The women’s final will be played at 10 in the morning, and the men’s final at 12 noon on Sunday, August 14.

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