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Puerto Vallarta’s longest living citizen turns 104

The greatness of Puerto Vallarta is in its people, those that forged the foundations of this great tourist destination and today continues contributing with simplicity and warmth to this city.

That is why the city sends congratulations to Mrs. Mercedes Villalbazo Ortega, as a recognition of the legacy that she has lived here, at 104 years of life she is considered the longest living person in Puerto Vallarta. She is one of the protagonists of Puerto Vallarta’s development and history.

In a pleasant visit with her family, Mrs. Mercedes shared some memories with the Mayor of Vallarta, showing her great memory of the city and even sang “La Feria de las Flores”, one of her favorite songs.

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Through it, the mayor recognized all those men and women who, like Dona Mercedes, have left an important mark in the construction of this destination and in its development, as well as an important legacy to the new generations, as an example of the effort, warmth and enthusiasm that characterizes the Vallartans.

The mayor was accompanied by the director of the Vallartense Institute of Culture, Fernando Sánchez Aceves and the coordinator of Civic Acts, Perla Alarcón, as a sample of the great cultural and historical contribution that represents for this municipality.

Happy birthday Mrs. Mercedes Villalbazo Ortega!