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PVDN launches Mexico News Blog for headlines from around the country

Mexico News Blog was founded in December 2019 by Christopher LaGrone, founder of PVDN (Puerto Vallarta Daily News) and ¡GOTCHA! BRANDS.

Christopher LaGrone has lived in Mexico for over a decade and has lived and traveled all corners of Mexico, visiting all 32 States of the Mexican Republic.

MNB creates original content, as well as curates content from Spanish language media to serve news from around Mexico to over 1-million English speaking people working or retired in Mexico, and those outside of Mexico with an interest in the country’s latest news.

Our goal is to serve well-balanced news from Mexico and not focusing on clickbait stories that other English publications have trafficked in for profit.

While we will cover news of importance, the drug wars, crime, and even the violence in Mexico, because these are real topics in Mexico, we will cover the other 99% of happenings in Mexico as well.

Through Christopher Lagrone’s extensive travel in Mexico, he understands that Mexico is much more than a clickbait story. With a decade of life in Mexico and traveling every state in the Republic, Christopher LaGrone has never witnessed a crime, murder, or violence, so he understands that Mexico is much more than the headlines that receive the most attention.

Through his travels, he has witnessed the good in the Mexican people. Their commitment to friends, family, and religion. So while violence might be part of the daily life for a very small portion of the Mexican people, the majority of Mexico has a different story to tell, and we are dedicated to telling the full story, not just the clickbait stories that stoke fear in people.

We are dedicated to always keeping our news free for readers as we have a commitment to ensuring information is free and never limited. The site is monetized through Google ads and will serve to meet the costs of operation by becoming a successful news site that people can trust without click-baiting readers or charging them for information that impacts their lives.

Visit the new site for Mexico News by PVDN:

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