Radio Disney Starts Broadcasting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

On June 23, 2014 radios across the Banderas Bay area added 89.5 FM to their frequency. Radio Disney, in conjunction with Grupo ACIR, will broadcast favorite youth music, nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on pop-rock in English and Spanish, yet maintain the “family-friendly” format of Disney’s brand.

Attending a luncheon at the launch of the new radio station, Councilman Agustin Alvarez said “”I am very pleased to witness the launch of this new project, which I’m sure will be well received by Vallarta “I am very pleased to witness the launch of this new project, which I’m sure will be well received by Vallarta.”

He added that the radio has been a very important cultural diffusion source, political change and the formation of critical masses, therefore the arrival of Disney Radio in Puerto Vallarta enriches the options to learn about other cultures, but also to know ours.

“I am sure that a large part of radio listeners will turn to you and this will be the beginning of a successful and sustainable project” he added.

“The station will feature the voice of Kony Moctezuma, Joshua Cabrera Gallardo Román Velázquez, and Japheth; committed young people with fresh ideas” Ibarra Fariña, executive vice president and director of national Grupo ACIR, said. He added that Radio Disney seeks to fulfill the dreams of their listeners through various competitions like “First Row”, contests to award first-row seats to the best concerts in the country, and “Autographed Guitars ” of the most important artists, to name a couple.

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