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Spring Forward, Fall Back; It’s time change again in Mexico

Sunday, October 28 concludes the summertime, so on Saturday, before going to sleep, you must set your watch back one hour, so that on Sunday, your activities resume according to the winter schedule and your Sunday plans aren’t confused.

We are facing this controversial change of time for the second time this year.

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On this occasion, at 3 o’clock in the morning, it will be 2 o’clock, adding an extra hour of sleep in an attempt to have more light early in the morning and get small energy savings.

The last weekend of October we set the clock back by an hour to go to the winter schedule, and the last weekend of March we advance one hour to go to the summer.

For readers in the USA, you will not change your clocks until November 4. The United States changed their daylight savings schedule in 2007 but Mexico didn’t follow their lead and kept the schedule the same.