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The pink water of Las Coloradas, Mexico

Las Coloradas Mexico Really? Does this place exist? Yes, Las Coloradas Yucatan is a real place and very interesting to visit. We love going all around to bring you cool stuff to go see. We have actually been here several times, and this time took video and wanted to introduce you to it. Las Coloradas is just over 3 hours from Playa Del Carmen.

Since it is one thing to read about such an amazing place, it is another to actually see it! We took this video of Las Coloradas for you. We assure you that this place really does exist. Why is the water pink?

Was this a chemical spill or something? This looks so strange. This is actually half manmade and half natural. The natural part is the tiny microorganisms that are naturally found in the sea water. The microorganisms are eaten by flamingos and are the reason they are pink.

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The manmade reason for this pink water is the concentration of the microorganisms. This is a salt producing area. The sea water is pumped into manmade holding ponds like the one below. The water is evaporated, leaving salt.

This area has been an important salt producing area for centuries. Today you can see piles of salt that have been produced (see photo below) The pink waters of Las Coloradas Yucatan. The white salt […]