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Male body recovered in Río Mascota, Puerto Vallarta

The body of a 28-year-old man was located in the Mascota River near the Ameca River in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta by Jalisco Civil Protection elements in coordination with municipal Civil Protection personnel.

On Friday night security elements received the report of a man who had disappeared at the river. The relatives mentioned that since Friday morning the man had been out to fish, however, having no communication with him, they decided to make the report.

Authorities started searching near the man’s last known location along the river, but the search was suspended at night.

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Saturday morning the search continued and resulted in locating the male body identified by the family.

Authorities denied rumors that the man was a victim of a crocodile attack in the river, reports suggest the man had an epileptic seizure and drowned, however, that has not been independently verified by PVDN.

The body was handed over to the authorities determine the cause of death.