Los Muertos Brewing Sponsors ‘Vallarta BEER Garden’

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens and Los Muertos Brewing Company have teamed up for the “Vallarta BEER Garden” event to help fund the Garden’s educational programs for local youth.

The event at the gardens will be held April 18th from 1 PM – 6 PM and feature live music and samplings of your favorite local brews in a stunning nature sanctuary.

Tickets for ‘Vallarta BEER Garden’ are $500 MXN with a minimum age of 18 years old. Each ticket allows 6 ounce samples of seven different craft beers with additional drinks available by purchase.

Tickets are limited to 250 general admission and 50 designated driver tickets. The garden will close at noon on the day of the event, April 18, 2015.

More information available on the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/732203103564861/

6 Responses
  1. Mijoxtlan

    Inclusion is never counter productive. What better ambassadors for an event than the people it was created for? Inclusion allows event supporters to put a face to a cause, otherwise you run the risk of creating a short lived campaign, that is forgotten as soon as the doors close and the lights go off. Creativity and flexibility in pricing/admission policy would allow youth to participate, as would clearly identified alcohol-free areas. To paraphrase a cliche, who says we cannot have our lager and drink it too?

    1. Ian Hayden Parker

      Oh right. I forgot marketing 101, exploit the people you want to raise money for. hahaha Come on, don’t be silly. Both these organizations/business have many events for many charities throughout the year that are created to cater to many different different people for many different causes. This one isn’t for kids, no big deal. I am gay, should I be commenting that there is no mention of gay people being welcomed or having a special room for the sake of inclusion? I kind of get the idea you are with Mijo Branding in Puerto Vallarta and this is a nice little way of publicly saying they could use your help in events. Is it the kids you are worried about or fishing for more clientele by saying they are doing their marketing wrong?

      1. Mijoxtlan

        The fact that you´re gay is irrelevant, as does the fact that I am in branding. Constructive Criticism 101 explained: I saw a good effort and made a suggestion to improve upon it, which was intended for the Gardens and Los Muertos.. but hey, it´s a public discussion board, so your feedback is welcome, (cynicism and surliness not so much, but hey, who knows, maybe someone pissed in your Corn Flakes this morning. At any rate, I hope your day improves.) I´ll walk you through my original post, as it seems you missed a critical element to it, it started with a positive recognition of the effort being made and was followed by a constructive criticism, I did not come out as either gay or as a marketer, while both influence my point of view, i was commenting on friends´s efforts, with good intentions not business ones. Thankfully, both Bob and Conor are big boys and will likely take it with a grain of salt and if they find it useful take into account next time around. If not, I am sure it will not impact my prospecting ability for either good or bad. But since you brought it up, I have to ask, what´s your angle? Are you feeling the need to try knock somebody down publicly in order to feel just a wee bit better about yourself? Or is this you at your charming best?

        1. Mijoxtlan

          Ian, long ago, my mother taught me several important lessons in life, one of which was that people in glass house shouldn’t throw stones. I understand you are a marketer in your own right (XperBrand).. Hm, interesting that you chose to stay in the closet despite outing yourself…,

  2. Mijoxtlan

    I am a fan of both Los Muertos and The Botanical Gardens, and commend them both for action in place of apathy, but creating an event that youth could both participate in and afford might just be more appropriate.

    1. Ian Hayden Parker

      It’s a fundraiser to finance kids programs at the gardens. I am not sure much money would be raised at an event where the targeted attendee would be kids without money. The definition of counter productive.

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