July 14, 2023

Puerto Vallarta Reports More Than 1,300 Arrests Since the Beginning of 2023

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - Crime doesn't pay in Puerto Vallarta! Thanks to relentless efforts from the local Citizen Security Commission, the city is safer than...
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Puerto Vallarta Launches Major Rejuvenation Project Transforming Downtown Streets and Sidewalks

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - Revitalization, transformation, and your next holiday destination all wrapped in one. Puerto Vallarta is pulling out all the stops in an...
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Deadly Ambush in Jalisco Spurs Condemnation from the United Nations

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - UN Slams Governor, Mothers Defiant: The Deadly Jalisco Ambush That's Shocking the World! Discover the explosive incident that has rocked Jalisco...
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Puerto Vallarta International Airport Wins Prestigious Distinction for Inclusive Tourism

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - They Scored a Stunning 91.76 – But It's Not About Grades, It's About Changing Lives! The Puerto Vallarta Airport just won...
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US Citizens are the Main Culprits Behind Fentanyl Smuggling, Says Mexican Ambassador

Shocking Revelations at Washington Press Conference: US Citizens are the Main Culprits Behind Fentanyl Smuggling, Says Mexican Ambassador. Why is this Deadly Opioid Crossing Borders,...
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6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern Regions of Mexico

Southern Mexico awoke to the tremors of a substantial 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the south today, as confirmed by the National Seismological Service (SSN). The...
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