All four public hospitals in Puerto Vallarta are at 100% occupancy in beds with ventilators

Hospital occupation by Covid-19 in Puerto Vallarta is at the limit.

According to data from the IRAG Network, the four public hospitals in Puerto Vallarta are at 100 percent capacity in beds with ventilators: Hospital 42 of the IMSS; the ISSSTE, the Regional, and the Naval.

Jaime Álvarez Zayas, director of the Eighth Sanitary Region, to which Puerto Vallarta belongs, pointed out that the occupation of respiratory mechanical assistance devices is variable since in the morning there may be spaces and three hours later it will be at 100 percent.

“Patients arrive, they go on a ventilator, others die and the ventilator is vacated, the ventilators are very variable, right now we are at 98 percent, but the same patients who are already hospitalized may require intubation and go on to a ventilator” he explained.

From the first week of July, he added, an increase in hospital occupancy in Puerto Vallarta began to be noticed and remains on the rise.

“We have patients of all ages, but the one that prevails is the group between 18 to 35 years old, 36 percent, and they were not vaccinated,” he stressed.

The director of the health region acknowledged that they have had to refer some patients to other hospitals to take pressure off the regional hospital and have availability for those who require it.

“We have had to refer patients to give them the opportunity for specialized treatment, we have sent them to Guadalajara, there are others that we transfer to other municipalities such as Mascota, and we clear and add beds to always have care capacity,” he said.

Governor Enrique Alfaro acknowledged on Tuesday that there is pressure on the capacity to care, so 12 more beds were added at Regional to care for people affected by the virus.

These beds are general places, for patients who are stable and who, although they still require oxygen, the supply is low, Álvarez Zayas explained.

“They are for patients who are not seriously ill, who are stable and who require an oxygen supply of 5 liters, that is why we use oxygen concentrators, they are patients who are about to be discharged.”

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The space, located in the Training Center in Colonia IPIDE, in Ixtapa, is already enabled, although it is not occupied.

“This area has not been used because we do not yet have the need to send patients, we are waiting, at any time, for the Regional Hospital to tell us that it has to refer patients to send them there,” added Álvarez Zayas.

Currently, in the entire State, according to the Jalisco Radar System, there are 1,192 patients hospitalized, the highest number since February.

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