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Busy Day for Lifeguards in Puerto Vallarta, One Person Dead

With beaches under red flag warnings, lifeguards in Puerto Vallarta have remained busy.

Wednesday lifeguards had to rescue 5 people from the high tides, including a young woman who was carried away by strong currents and received cuts and bruises.

On Los Muertos beach a 17-year old was stopped from entering the water by lifeguards. Police had to intervene as the teenager attacked the lifeguards and demanded access to the beach.

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In Las Glorias a women between the ages of 45-50 years old was rescued, but later died at the hospital. The women had been rescued an hour before and seemed to be intoxicated and reentered the water a second time. The identity of the victim has not been released.

The city has asked that businesses along the beach help monitor people attempting to enter the waters while the area was under red flag warnings. Currently over 120 police, lifeguards, and fireman are on full time watch of the Puerto Vallarta beaches.

Puerto Vallarta beaches have been on Red Flag Alert for three days due to high waves and strong currents caused by 3 storms far off the coast of Mexico.