Construction collapse in South Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta

Story updated 8/11/2021 – 2:44 am

A residence in the Playa Los Muertos area of Puerto Vallarta lost part of its foundations after a landslide at a construction site.

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The collapse was reported to the Jalisco Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit via the 911 emergency number, who received the report of a collapse in Calle Privada Herradura, at its junction with Santa Bárbara, in front of the sculpture of the Seahorse.

When local and state firefighters arrived, they located a house that overlooks the beach with part of its foundation collapsed, the landslide also caused damage to the water and drainage connections of the property. There were no injuries, but two neighboring properties were evacuated.

Officials were already on the scene before the collapse was reported due to an earlier call about a sinkhole in the area, giving an early warning about the collapse.

“The collapse was due to the softening of the land due to the last rains that have been registered, there are no injuries, but the inhabitants of 2 neighboring properties that are at risk of collapse had to be evacuated,” a municipal authority reported.

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“The collapse was inside a construction that was closed, so there were no human losses. At this time, they continue to evaluate the situation to see if there is a need to take other actions,” he added.

An investigation to determine the cause of the landslide will be the responsibility of the public works department in Puerto Vallarta. At this time, no cause has been determined through an investigation.

This story has been updated to reflect ongoing developments.

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