COPARMEX Calls on Puerto Vallarta Mayor to Clean up the City

The business organization of COPARMEX has called upon Mayor Ramón Martínez Guerrero to fulfill his commitment to cleaning up the city in his last eight months of office.

COPARMEX leader Arnulfo Ortega says that there is trash everywhere in the city and street lights that have not functioned in over a year that are leaving the city dark and causing safety problems after nightfall. Ortega says it’s not just in the city center, but through all colonies in Puerto Vallarta.

“It’s what you see in the streets, we cannot hide that. The city’s downtown is dirty, dark, and smells and we cannot just ignore the problem”, says Ortega.

Ortega adds that the beaches and the Malecón are the two things that city displays the most to tourists in marketing the city, yet they are typically dirty.

Evangelina Sanchez, the president of CANIRAC in Puerto Vallarta, which is the area’s organization of restaurants and culinary, has also joined the call to clean up the city. Sanchez says that the city’s center is the face of Puerto Vallarta and it needs to be clean with proper garbage collection and lightening, not only in the city center but throughout Puerto Vallarta.

The Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) is a voluntary membership business organization, which brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors, looking through representation in the workplace and society. Its more than 36,000 member companies across the country are responsible for 30% of GDP and 4.8 million formal jobs.

12 Responses
  1. How about cleaning up that filthy dirty stinking staircase on the corner of Amapas down to the beach.It is the one by Hotel San Marino and the smell makes you want to throw up.

  2. Karen Erp

    yes education about litter and garbage is very important but how about the sad state of many store fronts and vacant buildings. In many cases a coat of paint would make a huge difference. what can the city do to fund a clean and beautification project?

  3. Chris Rhoden

    ……remember someone is needed to empty the additional garbage cans as needed. While we are at it….how about some paint here ant there.

  4. There are a lot of trash cans on the Malecon…people need to be more respectful and USE them. More trash cans are needed on beach areas tho. Also, people should be fined more often and there should be better education

    1. I will be honest, it won’t help. There needs to be a real effort at education. I spend a lot of time in Guadalajara and the city has 4 trash cans for each city block and people throw their trash on the ground next to the cans but never in the cans.

    2. Remember in the U.S. In the late 60’s early 70’s we were litter pigs too until the national campaign to Clean Up America and the implementation of Litter fines . So you are right education is the key to everything !

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