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Crocodile found hanging from a tree with note in Puerto Vallarta

crocodile puerto vallarta

In the style of narcos, the body of a crocodile was found hanging from a tree in Puerto Vallarta with a message stuck in its muzzle.

Puerto Vallarta municipal authorities were alerted to the fact by neighbours of the Villas Universidad neighbourhood in Puerto Vallarta. The informants told the municipal police that in a tree, located just behind the University of Valle de Atemajac Vallarta campus, was a crocodile tied with a rope and a piece of cardboard attached to the body.

When police arrived, they corroborated the report and passed the report to personnel of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Ecology personnel, as well as to Semarnat to carry out the corresponding investigations and thus find the person responsible for the murder of the crocodile.

The letter that was attached to the crocodile read: We will continue to kill these disgusting animals if the government does not control them.

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The crocodile’s body was removed from the site and transferred to the facilities of Semarnat to carry out the corresponding analyzes.

In recent days a woman was attacked by a crocodile on the beach of the Marriot hotel, which managed to tear the skin from her left leg. In another instance, a fisherman was killed when attacked by a crocodile.

This follows a week where police have found men stripped naked and tied to poles around the city with raw buttocks from being spanked.