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Jalisco is the last state in Mexico to decriminalize adultery

The crime of adultery will be removed from the Criminal Code of the State of Jalisco. The members of the Constitutional Points Commission gave their approval to the reform initiative that proposes to repeal Article 182, which maintains the penalty for adultery.

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Currently, Jalisco is the only state in Mexico that in its local legislation maintains sanctions against men or women who have relationships knowing that one of them, or both, are married to another person. The penalty considered is from fifteen days to two years in prison. According to the legislation in the process of being removed from law, it is sanctioned by the complaint of the offended spouse.

Since 2013, the Chamber of Deputies has asked Congress to legislate and repeal the adultery law. At the national level, adultery was removed from the Criminal Code for seven years.

Last month, the city of Guadalajara stopped interfering and/or arresting couples having sex in public.