Puerto Vallarta begins first English classes for tourist police

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) – In order to have public servants increasingly prepared to provide timely attention to citizens and those who visit us, the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta launched the first English classes for tourist police on Thursday.

The training is given through the Sub-directorate of Business Development of the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development, in collaboration with the Administrative Office and the Directorate of Citizen Security, and the important support of the Institute of Training for Work of the State of Jalisco (IDEFT).

General Secretary of the City Council, Felipe de Jesús Rocha Reyes, attended the start of activities in which the first group of 15 tourist police will be taking a total of 50 hours of tourist conversational English classes, in two weekly sessions by the instructor Hugo Alexis Chávez, which follows up on the initiative presented at the time by the councilor Carla Verenice Esparza Quintero and which was supported by the Plenary Building so that all public servants who have direct contact with the citizens can be trained, beginning in this case with the elements of Citizen Security.

The deputy director of Business Development, Martha Ibarra Amarillas, indicated that the objective of this workshop is for the elements to be able to issue information in English regarding the places of interest in their locality, as well as to give the necessary guidance to tourists and residents, “to acquire skills to be able to have conversations with citizens and that through the experience of our English teacher, you can develop those skills”.

She added that the classes will be completely conversational and thanked IDEFT, through the teacher Ariadna García, for all the support provided to start these workshops that will be given to all the public servants of the City Council.

The director of Tourism and Economic Development, Christian Preciado Cázares, indicated that this is possible thanks to the City of Puerto Vallarta and a great work team, thus highlighting the importance of this training as Puerto Vallarta is the best tourist destination nationwide “with a general occupancy of 88.6 percent, further below us are the Cabos with 85.6 and Cancun with 83.5; So what does it mean to us, that Puerto Vallarta is experiencing the boom in tourism and we have to give them the best service and of course count on you too, with having trained and bilingual police for the attention of the personnel”.

At this event, there was also the presence of the head of Human Resources of the City Council, Diana Rodríguez Palomera, who reiterated that training is a fundamental issue for this government; as well as the director of Citizen Security, Rigoberto Flores Parra.

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