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Recent Puerto Vallarta news headlines, including surrounding areas in Jalisco and Nayarit.

Our local news typically covers stories and events that are happening in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas, including the capital city of Guadalajara and the Nayarit area. This includes coverage of local government, such as city council meetings and local elections, as well as local crime and public safety issues. Local news includes coverage of community events, such as festivals, parades, and charity events, as well as profiles of local businesses, artists, and community leaders. Local Puerto Vallarta news plays an important role in informing residents about what is happening in our community and can help foster a sense of community pride and engagement. PVDN provides valuable information for individuals and families regarding issues that affect their daily lives, such as traffic and weather updates, school closures, and local business and restaurant reviews.

Paragliding in Puerto Vallarta: A Personal Story

Paragliding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My personal story of dancing in the air. It’s mid-afternoon on a Friday, and I’m standing on a mountain overlooking...
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First Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Opens

Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Announced. InterContinental Hotels Grouphas introduced one of its most successful brands to Puerto Vallarta with the opening of...
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Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit are Vallarta-Nayarit

Six months after the Mexico Tourism Board rebranded Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit as Vallarta Nayarit in its marketing campaign, it appears that the...
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Horseback Riding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Rancho El Charro, 12km northeast of downtown Puerto Vallarta, is recommended for its healthy horses and scenic three- to eight-hour trots into the Sierra Madre....
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Delta expands Puerto Vallarta, Mexico airline services

Delta Vacations is offering travel agents more options for booking vacation packages to Mexico with extra nonstop flights from US cities. Extra Delta Air Lines...
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Total Lunar Eclipse Visible in Puerto Vallarta April 15 at 1 AM

Skywatchers in the Americas will be able to catch a rare celestial show as Earth's shadow falls across the Moon on April 15th, visible in...
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Puerto Vallarta Representative Drums Up Tourism Business in the UK

On the occasion of the new direct flights from the UK, two of the most stunning destinations along Mexico’s Pacific Coast joined forces to promote...
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Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta hosts its first FIVB Beach Volleyball Open

Puerto Vallarta, the Pacific Ocean resort city on Mexico’s west coast is preparing to host its first FIVB Beach Volleyball international event when the double-gender...
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Three FREE tours in Puerto Vallarta

With the knowledge that visitors in Puerto Vallarta are already aware of the popular landmarks, history, and culture of Vallarta, the Director of Municipal Tourism...
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Report of UFO sighting in Puerto Vallarta

A witness at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, reported watching a hovering boomerang-shaped UFO that appeared to be slowly "gliding like ice floating on smooth ice" about 5...
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Puerto Vallarta Today

The Latest News and Trends in One of Mexico's Most Vibrant Cities

Puerto Vallarta, a popular tourist destination located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is a vibrant city with a rich culture and a lively media landscape. Here are some of the top headline news stories making waves in Puerto Vallarta today:

  1. Tourism and Travel: As a major destination for both domestic and international tourists, tourism and travel-related news is always a hot topic in Puerto Vallarta. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting travel around the world, the city has seen a significant drop in tourism, leading to economic challenges for many businesses and residents.

  2. Crime and Security: Like many cities in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has faced challenges with crime and security in recent years. The government has implemented various measures to combat the problem, including increased police presence and community-based programs, but concerns over safety remain a top priority for many residents and visitors.

  3. Infrastructure and Development: Puerto Vallarta is a growing city, with ongoing development projects and infrastructure improvements. However, some residents have raised concerns about the impact of development on the city’s natural resources and cultural heritage, as well as the potential for overdevelopment to negatively affect the city’s tourism industry.

  4. Environmental Issues: Puerto Vallarta is home to a diverse range of natural environments, including beaches, jungles, and mountains. However, these environments are threatened by climate change, pollution, and other environmental issues. Many residents and environmental groups have been advocating for more sustainable and responsible practices to protect the city’s natural resources.

  5. Social Issues: Like many cities in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has a complex social landscape, with issues related to poverty, inequality, and discrimination. Local groups and activists are working to address these issues and create more equitable and inclusive communities.

In conclusion, Puerto Vallarta is a city with a diverse range of headline news stories, covering topics from tourism and travel to crime and security, infrastructure and development, environmental issues, and social justice. As the city continues to grow and evolve, it is sure to generate even more newsworthy stories in the years to come.