Two Federal Police are shot dead in Puerto Vallarta

Two elements of the Federal Police were shot dead by a prisoner during a transfer in Puerto Vallarta when the suspect grabbed a gun from a policeman, shot two Federal Police, and fled.

The police were transferred to a clinic in Puerto Vallarta, where they died. In addition, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic has already initiated an investigation.

On Wednesday afternoon, around 1:30 p.m., an agent of the FGR transferred a detainee from his cell to take him to testify before the Public Ministry. Once he finished his statement, the prisoner was returned to his cell.

At that moment, the detainee surprised the federal agent who was returning him to his cell, disarmed him, struggled, and shot him. The colleague who was on guard heard the shots and ran to the cell, where he was also shot by the suspect.

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The prisoner left the facilities and carjacked a woman after shooting her in the leg. The prisoner escaped in the car, which he left abandoned a few blocks away. The suspect is still armed and considered dangerous.

With these deaths, there are 20 police officers killed so far this year in Jalisco. Just two days ago, a Zapopan element, from the Canine Tactical Unit, was executed.

Suspect in the killing of two Federal Police in Puerto Vallarta – Fernando Sanchez Olivera

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