Coronavirus in Mexico as of October 5, 2021

The Ministry of Health (SSa) announced that until the cut-off of 5:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time) on Tuesday, October 5, 3,691,924 total accumulated cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Mexico since the pandemic began. Regarding the number of deaths, to date, a total of 279,894 deaths have been reported.

This represents that in the last 24 hours, 7,682 new infections and 790 deaths from COVID-19 were reported in the country.

According to the daily technical statement, as of today, there are an estimated 520,257 suspected cases, 6,564,036 negative cases, and 47,569 estimated active cases; that is, patients who began to present symptoms in the last 14 days (September 22 to October 5, 2021).

The entities with the highest number of active cases of SARS-CoV-2 in descending order are: Tabasco, Mexico City, Colima, Guanajuato, Yucatán, Querétaro, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Coahuila and Baja California.

These are the states with the highest number of reported cases since the beginning of the pandemic: Mexico City (951,432); State of Mexico (364,588); Nuevo Leon (198,351); Guanajuato (176,577); Jalisco (155,862); Tabasco (136,288); Puebla (120,447); Veracruz (118,883); Sonora (108,683) and San Luis Potosí (99,960). These entities represent 66% of the total accumulated cases in Mexico.

The SSa pointed out that in the last five weeks, most of the cases are present in the groups of 18 to 29 years, followed by the groups of 30 to 39 years and 40 to 49 years.

The distribution by gender in confirmed deaths shows a prevalence of 62% in men, with an average age of 64 years in deaths. In this area and based on the last cut, the states with the highest number of deaths are Mexico City (51,107); State of Mexico (31,892); Jalisco (16,150); Puebla (14,702); Veracruz (13,554), and Nuevo León (12,596).

Regarding hospital availability, until October 4 the states with the highest percentage in general bed occupancy are Puebla (44%), Aguascalientes (41%), and Morelos (40%). In turn, those with the highest percentage in beds with a ventilator are Aguascalientes (50%), Tabasco (41%), and Jalisco (38%).

Internationally, there are a total of 235,175,106 infections and 4,806,841 accumulated deaths worldwide. In the last 24 hours, 355,049 new cases and 6,303 deaths were reported. The overall fatality rate is 2%.

In the vaccination strategy for Mexico, the agency announced that until last Monday, October 4, 64,323,090 doses were applied.

Of the total, 46,054,543 (72%) of the people have a complete vaccination, and 18,268,547 (28%) have at least one dose.

Likewise, they reported that 21 states have immunization progress of 72 to 95%, such as Mexico City and Querétaro, which have vaccinated nine out of 10 adults.

While Zacatecas, Yucatán, Tlaxcala, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí, Quintana Roo, Nuevo León, Nayarit, Morelos, Hidalgo, Durango, Colima, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Aguascalientes report coverage of between 72 and 87%.

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