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Lynda Filler

Lynda Filler: Puerto Vallarta author shares personal story of facing death

Lynda Filler,  author living in Puerto Vallarta, shares her personal story in the typical fast-paced, edgy, in-your-face style she’s known for in her fiction writing. She will walk you through her journey to self-love sharing her belief in journals, love, prayer, soul, spirituality and positive mindset. She’s hard-hitting but compassionate. When you write a memoir,...
Benefits of medical marijuana

Benefits of medical marijuana explained by two experts

While some researchers are investigating the benefits of medical marijuana, smoked or vaporized cannabis, most are looking at specific cannabis compounds, called cannabinoids. From a research standpoint, cannabis is considered a “dirty” drug because it contains hundreds of compounds with poorly understood effects. That’s why researchers tend to focus on just one cannabinoid at a...
diabetes in mexico

Diabetes in Mexico could cause financial crisis

Twelve million people live with diabetes in Mexico and it is estimated that by 2045 the number will increase to 22 million, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are responsible in 90 percent of cases, a situation that will also be reflected in finances. The economic burden of type 2 diabetes in Mexico in 2013 was estimated...
food poisoning romaine lettuce

Finding food poisoning in romaine lettuce getting help with genetic sequencing

Disease hunters are using genetic sequencing in their investigation of the ongoing food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce, a technique that is revolutionizing the detection of germs in food. The genetic analysis is being used to bolster investigations and — in some cases — connect the dots between what were once seemingly unrelated illnesses....
barbra bush

After a death, how much can ‘broken heart’ hurt survivors?

You hear it whenever someone gets sick or dies soon after losing a spouse: Was it because of a broken heart? Stress might not be to blame for former President George H.W. Bush’s hospitalization a day after his wife’s funeral, but it does the body no favors, and one partner’s health clearly affects the other’s....
Why it’s so hard for doctors to understand your pain

Why is it so hard for doctors to understand your pain?

We’re all human beings, but we’re not all alike. Each person experiences pain differently, from an emotional perspective as well as a physical one, and responds to pain differently. That means that physicians like myself need to evaluate patients on an individual basis and find the best way to treat their pain. Today, however, doctors...
dengue vaccine

Dengue vaccine can be harmful for some people

The World Health Organization says the first-ever dengue vaccine needs to be dealt with in “a much safer way,” meaning that the shot should mostly be given to people who have previously been infected with the disease. In November, the dengue vaccine manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, said people who had never been sickened by dengue before...

Human Body Biomechanics for Beginners: Part I: Shoulder Blades

This series is designed to give you a basic introduction to how various parts of your body move. Knowing these basics will help you become aware of your movements and move better. Part I of this series will introduce you to your scapulae, commonly known as shoulder blades. The singular of scapulae is scapula. Your...
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